Do you suffer from hyperhidrosis? If you do you probably want to know why you're suffering from this excessive sweating condition to begin with. Noboby wants to suffer from this condition as it causes some embarrassing symptoms such as sweat stains, foul body odor, anxiety, and stress. There's nothing worse than going into a public place and trying to shake someone's hands but your hands are so sweaty they turn down the offer. This is a very difficult condition to deal with, because it will have a negative impact on your confidence and self-esteem too. Sufferers of this disorder also have a hard time deciding what clothes they wear, because they have to be aware of sweat patches and sweat marks. This causes most sufferers to wear thick jackets or black clothes all the time to hide the problem. Other people dealing with hyperhidrosis on a daily basis end up changing their clothes a few times each day in order to prevent other people from seeing their sweat marks.

The treatments available for treating this condition include prescription antiperspirants, botox injections, and surgical procedures. However, before you start applying treatment to this problem it's vital that you learn what is causing it in the first place. Once you know what's causing the problem you'll be able to handle it better. You can click here to learn how to prevent this problem.

The most common cause of hyperhidrosis is an underlying condition that is causing the excessive sweating. If you go to the doctor about this problem he or she will check to make sure there isn't some other medical cause before applying treatment. Some of the most common medical conditions that can cause hyperhidrosis include:

Parkinson's disease
Thyroid issues
Certain infections
Medications that cause side effects
Heart failure

There are definitely a lot of other conditions that can cause hyperhidrosis to develop, but the ones listed above are the most common. Your doctor will first focus on treating the underlying condition before turning their attention to the excessive sweating. This is because once you stop the underlying condition you'll be able to stop the sweating.

If your hyperhidrosis condition isn't due to some other kind of condition you must do what you can to treat the problem head first. One of the common ways to treat this condition, especially if it occurs mainly in the underarm area is to get botox injections. The botox injections are usually used for cosmetic reasons, but these injections help stop sweating by blocking your sweat ducts. With your sweat ducts blocked it will be really tough for any liquid to get released through your skin.

Another way to treat hyperhidrosis is through the use of iontophoresis machines. These machines work by sending electric shock waves through your body that will stop you from sweating. These machines are kind of expensive so you can try building your own that you can use in your home when ready. You will need to apply this treatment several times each week to stop the sweating from returning.